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Welcome to Poetry Club,

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Sad Poetry

Sad Poetry – What is Sad Poetry? – The answer of this question is that Sadness is human mode which shows the expression of human sorrows and gloomy face whereas Poetry is a type of literature from which you deliver your message into a short form. Sad Poetry is a way to express your expression of sorrow in literature form. Poetry can be of any type. It can be audio, recital, written etc. Most of the renowned poets and poetess has written their specific collection of poetry on this category that brings you in itself when you looks depressed.

Urdu Sad Poetry -

If somebody lost his/her nearest person or beloved person in his/her life then he/she fallen himself/herself into sad, darkness and loneliness world, and most of them started to express their feelings in Poetry form. Urdu is a language which is almost understandable in Asian region. Many of renowned Urdu poets had fallen in love but they did not get their beloved partners and started to write Sad Poetry on the occasions which happened in their lives. Most of the Asian people like 2 Lines Sad Poetry, Sad Ghazals, Sad Image Poetry etc. In Pakistan and India, Sad Poetry is categorized in different types, Bewafa Shayeri, Judai Shayeri, Udaas Shayeri, Tanha Shayeri, 2 Line Sad Shayeri, Sad Pics Shayeri, etc. Urdu Sad Images Poetry achieved fame since the time of Asad Ullah Khan also known as Mirza Ghalib. Asad Ullah Khan Sad Poetry delivered the message of his broken heart and attracts the people who has broken their heart by anyone. Some of famous Urdu Poets are following which gained a popularity are: Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Hasrat Mohani, Mir Dard, Ahmed Faraz, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Farhat Abbas Shah, Amjad Islam Amjad, Parveen Shakir etc.

English Sad Poetry –

English is international language that is very compulsory to understand and speak to get success across all over the world. English Poetry got success since the time of Sir Shakespeare. Shakespeare Poetry is very popular all over the world. Many other English Poets picked Sad Poetry category to convey their feelings to whole world.